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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Links is probably the most depressing thing you'll read today

Sorry for the recent lack of posts. My wife and I had our second son last Saturday, and the final weeks of the pregnancy drew most of my attention away from these sorts of pursuits. For those of you who are into these sorts of things, the newest addition to our family, Ivan Arthur Crow, was born on Saturday, March 8th at 6:14am. Everyone's happy and healthy.

Now onto the links!

+"Who are we?" asks Josh Westerhold, the company's head of business operations, over another round of drinks. "Are we a company that changes how people move, or a company that changes how car-ownership works? We may be trying to solve two different things." Zappos tries to transform transportation in Las Vegas of all places.

+Nothing to see here, folks...

+This inner shift, from fighting the old to sensing and presencing an emerging future possibility, is at the core of all deep leadership work today. It's a shift that requires us to expand our thinking from the head to the heart. It is a shift from an ego-system awareness that cares about the well-being of oneself to an eco-system awareness that cares about the well-being of all, including oneself...The Moment of Our Diruption: Death and Rebirth.

+"If I die in the game do I die in real life?" "Ha! You wish. That's just the start." Dinosaurs get to the heart of the insanity of automobile culture.

+Speaking of car culture, did you know that removing a lane of traffic has virtually no effect on traffic?

+Probably the most depressing thing you'll read today. But the left would be better off learning from its past mistakes. Capitalism might well be capable not only of adapting to climate change but of profiting from it. One hears that the capitalist system is confronted with a double crisis: an economic one that started in 2008, and an ecological one, rendering the situation doubly perilous. But one crisis can sometimes serve to solve another. Not even climate change will kill off capitalism.