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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Links is Snowed In...Again

Atlanta is once again in the throes of a crippling winter storm. This time it's far less photogenic, since we had ample warning and the city simply shut down in advance of the storm. You'd think I'd have more to write about being stuck in the house for three days, but I don't, so here's a few links to tide you over.

+Forbes, of all places, has a nice little article about Climate Change adaptation for farmers.

+One thing nearly all utopian societies have in common is the elimination of scarcity. For them, limited resources are usually an antiquated concept, because everyone has enough. Unfortunately, one study shows that people in utopia might very well be the same grasping, avaricious jerks we know them to be right now. Will eliminating scarcity be able to stop us from being jerks?

+He argues that development has reached an unbelievable level of red tape and regulation that has made it virtually impossible and unaffordable for small  and incremental growth to occur. Professionals of his generation evolved aside these growing regulations, so much so that they have become experts at navigating them. However, Duany has witnessed a younger generation of urbanists, who have become so bogged down by the red tape they tend to ignore it all together. These young, or tactical urbanists, do things quickly and effectively, but sometimes bail when things get sticky. That perhaps is the greatest gift and one of the biggest challenges of Tactical Urbanism. Andres Duany rolls out "Lean Urbanism."

+As  homeowner with too much damn grass, this is simply one of the coolest new Green Tech devices I've seen in awhile. Imagine a lawnmower that can not only fuel itself with the grass it cuts, but that can also harvest biomass in the form of grass pellets for powering other applications, and can mow the lawn autonomously, without the need to guide it across the yard.