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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Links gives Jessica Alba a high five

+Lewis said that instructors at French art schools would push carts around to collect students' works on the due dates. Inevitably, she said, some students would not be finished. So, multiple students would often jump onto the cart with an unfinished piece of art and work collaboratively to finish it before the cart reached its destination. The word's origin loosely describes how the fast-paced, collaborative planning process is meant to work. Saginaw, MI is taking steps to fix the downtown area.

+Who knew Jessica Alba was so cool? Her startup The Honest Company is dedicated to producing non-toxic and sustainable products.

+He was merely observing that mass uprisings of people – along the lines of the abolition movement, the civil rights movement or Occupy Wall Street – represent the likeliest source of “friction” to slow down an economic machine that is careening out of control. Naomi Klein on the revolutionary potential of climate change.

+This is nothing new, but I keep forgetting to mention Prince Charles. Yes, that Prince Charles. He may be an old, stuffy royal dude, but he's also an awesome champion for traditional urbanism. This is a link to some information about his experimental traditional urban city in England, Poundbury.