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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday Links has got a lot of links

+"With growing global energy demand, it is critical that we continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy will play an important role in helping Alberta to reach emissions reduction goals and transition to a lower carbon future." Voting with your (Canadian) dollars: Climate Change Group Provides C$10 Million To Alberta Wind Project. 

+Huffington Post runs down some of the cooler ways that the urban poor are reclaiming public spaces in the Global South.

+“The unique thing about us,” he said referring to his family’s business Empresa Brasileira de Conservação de Florestas, “is that we were licensed by the government to detimber, to deforest part of the rain forest, but we decided not to.” Local company, Vimtrek, partners with Brazilian company to protect the rainforest.

+The EcoHouse uses different strategies to reduce the demand for energy, generate its own electricity supply, and further reduce the embedded energy in materials, water, and planting. This set of strategies, which can be replicated in any other project, consists of compact volume, optimal orientation, natural ventilation, protective envelope, thermal zoning, radiant cooling, recovered energy, efficient appliances, solar power, recyclable materials, natural water treatment, and native plants. After a year of planning, Oman finally moves to build their first EcoHaus, based on houses already seen across Germany.

+Well, that's one way to do it: LA Times stops running climate change denying letters to the editor.

+What a novel idea: Other legislation encourages towns to build "complete streets," that is, streets that have sidewalks and bike lanes in mind. MA. legislators move to incorporate healthy living in urban planning.

+Are cities the best place to combat climate change? Of course they are.

+Copenhagen decides to do something.