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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Insert Graceless Plug Here

Another AWP has came and went, and once again I was not a part of it. I made sure to take a week long hiatus from Twitter so that I wouldn't be forced to come face to face with that good ole' high school feeling of being the only one not invited to a totally sweet party, man. That isn't the case here because I was as invited as anyone else was, but there is something to it, to the feeling of being on the outside looking in. The world is cliquey--it's a fact of life--and indie lit is no different. Not a judgement call; an observation. People like who they like, artistically and personally, and those preferences necessarily create Cool Kidz and Not-So-Cool Kidz. The problem with not being one of the Indie Lit Cool Kidz is that Indie Lit is already the Not-So-Cool Kidz of the publishing world, so one can't help but wonder: am I just simply unlikeable?

I don't so much have an answer to that, though my son likes me alright. I think.

Speaking of feeling like you're in high school again, I am now volunteering twice a month with this truly impressive program for graduating seniors where they have to complete a 6 or 7 month writing seminar and for their troubles they get a four-year scholarship to a select number of really nice universities. The group I'm helping coach are all going to Boston University, so kudos and all that to them. It was fun, talking about writing to a group of young writers. I'm sure they thought I was really old and lame, but I had a good time and it was nice to see writing was alive and well among the youngsters.

And speaking of high school writers...*insert graceless plug for my pet project here*

It's supposed to be 70 degrees this weekend which means that spring has probably sprung for reals in Atlanta. Time to start taking Zyrtec. Time to get a sun burn. Time to find my sunglasses and put them on my face. Time to kick the ball around. Time to drink beer on patios and laugh...a little at least. Time to wake up wake up wakey wake and look around and take stock and all that happy crap. Time to feel good for a little bit.

Time to get them sunglasses and put them on my face.

Also, if you're in the Atlanta area this Friday, I'll be reading a story of mine and fidgeting uncomfortably at this awesome Loose Change Magazine event. Details here.