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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Links is mostly interested in urban planning

+Tiny Wappingers Falls, NY is doing what every city should be doing: embracing green solutions.

+Urban and regional planners are set to become on of the next hot jobs.

+As the proud owner of a Georgian house, I'm sad to see architect Gordon Ridgely has passed away.

+The UN develops online tool to help urban planners adapt to climate change.

+The French are just better at this stuff than us: Small French city enlists the help of artists to redesign their city.

+Incredible! MARTA and Brookhaven residents start brainstorming on ways to make their MARTA station mixed use.

+Good Lord, Russell Brand! Between three sets of different people; first generation Muslims, servicemen and the privileged elite that they serve (that would be me) effortless cooperation occurred. Here we were free from the divisive rule that tears us apart. That sends brave men and women to foreign lands to fight their capitalist wars, that intimidates and unsettles people whose faith and culture superficially distinguishes them, that tells the comfortable "hush now" you have your trinkets. It seemed ridiculous that refracted through the power prism that blinds us; the soldiers could be invading the homeland of these women's forefathers in order to augment my luxurious stupour. Here in the gap we were together. Our differences irrelevant. With no one to impose separation we are united. I could practically quote this entire column in The Guardian, but I'll just link to it, instead.