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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Links keeps it simple

+"What if some of the more generous central medians throughout New York’s street system were turned into green infrastructure: parklets that have been keenly designed to absorb and funnel storm water; generate solar electricity; and recycle food waste, which is another matter that Mayor Bloomberg is championing these days in the spirit of saving roughly $100 million a year by diverting organic residential waste from landfills." Mayor Bloomberg eyes a plan for using all the unused space in NYC. Finding creative ways to use dead space in our cities is the future.

+Other American cities have peered over the precipice and tumbled. Detroit is bankrupt, its downtown a hollow core left by the implosion of a great metropolis. That must not happen here. The Chicago Tribune looks for leadership in developing the next Plan of Chicago.

+The United Nations has advice for city planners around the world: Move people closer together. The UN keeps it simple with their recommendation for urban planning.

+Random Link: If you happen to be in PA anywhere near Dickinson College, they are hosting an awesome free seminar about ancient city planning. Details here.