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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Links is gonna totally hack the earth

+Maybe hacking the planet is an easier solution than massive cooperation. To Fix Climate Change, Scientists Turn To Hacking The Earth.

+All Gehl’s concepts involve decreasing space given over to cars and increasing space inhabited by pedestrians, thereby encouraging human interaction across class lines and reducing the debilitating effects of high-rise isolation. New documentary, The Human Scale, argues for building cities for people and not cars

+“Nobody is really approaching growing in the city from the standpoint of it being something that’s worth the labor cost,” said Andy Dragt, founder of City Farmers. “We think one person farming on two or three lots could make way better than minimum wage.” Urban Farming collective in Grand Rapids, MI sets out to prove urban farming can be profitable

+Is the key to ending climate change denial to simply tell people to "stop being dicks"?