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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday Links is raisin' some chickens, y'all!

+This is far from a new idea, but I think it's hilarious that this is happening in Oklahoma, as if farming is a novel idea there. OKC about the OK urban chickens.

+Bill McKibben is calling for colleges to divest, but it's interesting that investors are also starting to consider the ramifications of investing in companies that are wholeheartedly selling out humanity's future. From Fortune: Investors Sound the Alarm on Climate Change.

+Plan Would Track, Tax Cars by the Mile. Yes, please!

+If we designed a standard school for 1,300 kids, there would be only one place big enough to put it: right in the middle, on top of the forest of trees. Not only would the community lose its trees but the school would be isolated within the housing, which was in turn isolated from the city around it. We needed to do better, but we didn’t have much time. Excellent story on how you can build consensus and work with government and communities to fix difficult problems