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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Links is considering form-based blogging

+While I would never give up on the idea that we should address the causes of Climate Change, this editorial poses an interesting counterpoint. Should we start worrying about adapting?

+Road diets are central to the plan. A road diet uses a variety of methods to reduce road width, slow traffic speeds, re-establish community linkages and generally improve accommodations for pedestrians and bicycles. Flint, MI goes on a road diet to find a clearer path to a viable future.

+A novel idea: "Consideration of the form-based zoning approach is in response to growing concern among residents that the scale and style of new developments are not fitting into the downtown's historic character," according to a memorandum from City Manager John Bohenko. Form-based zoning differs from current zoning by de-emphasizing use and focusing more on building placement, scale and design. Portsmouth considers a form-based zoning ordinance.