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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Links is investing in sheep

+“Planners must adjust their development options to minimise the potential future adverse impacts of climate change and to take advantage of opportunities that may arise,” he added. Town planners in Nigeria work to ensure Nigerians are prepared for climate change. Our global issues can have local solutions, and this article from the Nigerian website Business Day shows one of th ekey ways to affect change locally, through urban planning and development.

+“Sheep offer a low-impact solution for controlling invasive plants on sites,” said Trees Atlanta Forest Restoration Coordinator, Brian Williams. “As long as the sites do not contain sensitive or endangered plants that we want to keep safe, sheep can graze and help us eliminate invasive plants until they are gone.” Trees Atlanta is putting 75 sheep to work getting rid of kudzu in the Decatur cemetery. This reminds me of another article I read a while ago about three creative entrepreneurs who were bracing for the new economy. One of the funniest was an Ohio man who was starting a lawn care company with a truck a couple of sheep. You heard it here first, folks, sheep are the future!

+And forgive me a little bit o' snark: The Atlanta Business Chronicle solves parking for everyone. Whew! One of life's greatest problems, finally solved. If only there was another way to think about parking and transportation.

+“One of the arguments in favour of using the language of risk,” Painter writes, “is that it shifts public debate away from the idea that decisions should be delayed until conclusive proof or absolute certainty is obtained (a criterion that may never be satisfied), towards timely action informed by an analysis of the comparative costs and risks of different choices and options (including doing nothing).” Thinkprogress has an interesting idea about how to move the needle on public perception of climate change.