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Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm periodically picking up Danielle Evans' amazing short story collection, Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self , and I'm thinking I need to read more. I'm also reading The World According to Garp (Modern Library) and I'm loving it, but my parents told me the kid dies and now I'm terrified to keep reading. The last thing I want to read right now is about kids dying. Literally the last. Which is probably why I'm reading short fiction instead of the news like I usually do.

xTx has a new book coming out called Billie the Bull on the indomitable Mudluscious Press. You should pre-order it here. Roxane Gay has about a zillion projects coming out in the next year or so, so visit her blog and keep abreast of all those fancy developments. I'm starting to submit my novel to other agents to see if I can get some interest in it before I either give up or just publish the damn thing myself. I don't wanna do the latter, but I will if I have to. I think it's too good of a book to just languish in my hard drive. That may be writerly arrogance, but I believe it for reals.

I've started another novel about a mapmaker living in 1600's Amsterdam who gets caught up in all sorts of New World craziness. It's been brewing for quite some time, but I think I finally have enough things figured out, and have enough distance from the last novel, that I can get started on something new. It feels good. I'm writing this one by hand, interestingly enough, because I have several hours a week where I'm sitting on a park bench watching my son run around and interact with other kids. Writing a book seems like a good use of that time, but bringing my clunky, POS of a computer is not an option. So, I bought a small journalist-style notebook and I'm scribbling the darn thing out by hand. Very different feel. May be just what I need to put the last novel behind me. Different story, different method of transcribing, different feel.

It's not cold here, and it always makes me feel weird when it's not cold in the winter. But it's nice for a first time stay at home dad, because the outdoors are always an option. If me or Collins start getting cabin fever, we can just go outside and get our ya-ya's out. That's nice, even if a green, wet, and brown Christmas doesn't quite feel right.

Wish me luck with the agent search. Buy books from indie writers. That is all.