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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let's Set the World on Fire

I needed wine and something for my son to eat for dinner tonight. I didn't want to drive. There's a Target just about a mile walk away from my house and it occurred to me how incredibly absurd it is that I've never walked there. It's just a mile. 10, maybe 15, minutes. I should walk. I told myself this. It would be the right thing to do.

So I packed the little man up in his stroller and we walked. We walked up hills and down hills and on a busy street where the sidewalk was tired and sloped and gagging on weeds and cars zipped by going 50 miles an hour, just mere feet from where my son and I walked. I tried to not think about how easy it would be for someone to skip the curb and then...

That's impossible, though. Bad thoughts are like scabs; it's impossible not to pick at 'em.

So I picked. But meanwhile the moon came out and she smiled down at us, or half of her did anyway. And there were no stars because there are too many lights in Atlanta and they push the stars out of the way, but I could imagine what it would be like if there were some. I set my phone on top of the stroller and turned on fun. (who my son calls The Youngs because of the chorus of that one song of theirs, and I wonder a lot whether he will forever be confused about what that band's name is), and we listened to the music as we walked and looked around at what an incredible place and time we live in.

That was what I thought. I can't speak for what he thought. He's 3.

We made it to Target and I bought the cheapest bottle of red wine they sold, and I got some organic fruit roll ups for the little guy. As we cruised the aisles, I remembered that I had a bottle of wine already in the fridge and that I had bought some corn dogs and some frozen mixed veggies two days ago, which made the whole trip sort of pointless in the end, assuming the point was actually to go somewhere and do something, which I'm not altogether certain it was.

At any rate, moral of the story is: the sidewalks in Atlanta are fucked up and my son and I almost got ourselves killed.