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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Did I post just yesterday?

It's like a Christmas miracle, isn't it? Two posts in two days? Incredible.

This has a lot more to do with wine and a blessed amount of free time than anything else. I am, after-all, a student of business administration. In case you didn't know.


I have been receiving about 15 unique hits from Slovenia everyday for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. This is primarily due to this post from 2009. I know this because Google is the Devil and the Devil tells me where people come from and what they are searching for. In this case, a lot of people from Slovenia wanna see a picture of a cow pooping out human remains. Honestly, that's not weird. I mean, who wouldn't wanna see a cow doing that?

Wine bottles dressed in wicker outfits do not necessarily hold within themselves good tasting wine. But then I suppose that's more or less a pretty good metaphor for life.

While we're on the topic, I also receive visitors consistently who are definitely looking for pictures or stories of dogs eating crows. This bothers me. Is there really a big market for this sort of thing? Why the hostility toward crows? My wife told me last night that crows represent death in just about every culture on the planet. I told her that crows also represent wisdom, but she thought I was lying. I wasn't. Not exactly. Death, of course, has its own wisdom.

I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One and it was like an orgasm in my mouth. Did I say that out loud*? No? Well then here it is: Team Edward, baby! Jake's a spazz who needs to totally imprint on that one werewolf chick who says she needs to be imprinted so bad she can taste it or something like that and forget about Bella for good so Eddie can have her for himself without interruptions and whatnot. I mean, like, that bed breaking scene. Gosh. Gave me shivers.

I saw Radiohead. They were awesome. So was Thom's ponytail.

Still, wicker outfits don't make good wine. I don't care what the experts say.


*It's a joke, get it? Cuz, like I totally don't say anything out loud.