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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Year of the Novel Update: Y2K edition

Ole' Crow hit a few technological snags this week as I sat down to make some stories. My wife was set to go out of town for a few days on biznass so I was chuckling mischievously and rubbing my hands salaciously together at the prospect of several nights of boredom-induced writing time. But then,on the first night of writing I found out--to my great dismay--that my laptop cord had a short in it and would no longer keep my 'puter charged. I went through all the stages of loss while I spent twenty good writing minutes (as well as the correlative battery minutes) trying to beg and plead the cord to work. Eventually I gave up and used a few more battery minutes rush ordering a cord from Amazon* so that I would be able to salvage the last day of writing time**.
So, basically, all that's to say that I didn't get nearly as much as I was hoping to get done. But I did finish off the chapter I was working on, which leaves only one more chapter left in Part One. I hope to finish that this week or next.

*As I stated before, here's a shameless plug for Amazon.

**I spent the night without a working computer catching up on my latest bizarre hobby, whittling. I've been working on a walking stick for the last few weeks and got a few more inches of it done, so that was nice.