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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Year of the Novel Meets National Novel Writing Month

So, it begins again, sort of. Next month is National Novel Writing Month and the curious thing is that I will actually probably maybe be finishing the novel some time next month. Or rather, that is the goal. I'm going to hit the ground running this month and hopefully I will have enough of a head of steam that I will be able to cruise to the finish line with this behemoth of a book.

At this point I have finished just about all the main storylines, except the one about the two main characters. I would say, i have about 40K-50K more words to write which may seem like a crap ton of words, but if I really work hard, that is totally doable for me. All that will be left will then be to comb through the various storylines for terrible inconsistencies and grammatical problems. Then I will need to tie everything together in a satisfactory way and re-edit it. At that point it will have a "finished" manuscript.

So much work. But I'm really very satisfied with what is emerging. More info as we get there.