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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Football Picks!

It’s that time again, folks, when I waste your precious time trying to predict the unpredictable. College football has supposedly been rocked by various scandals, but it’s the same ole’ game to me, always will be, no matter how many super conferences or playoffs try to screw around with the formula. In the end you have two teams try to beat each other. It’s as simple as that.

Week One doesn’t have too much intrigue. It’s your normal slate of baby seal clubbing. Except for a few uber-match-ups the big dogs have largely avoided having to do more than field a team. Regardless, here are the top picks of Week One of the 2011 College Football season.

UNLV at #11 Wisconsin
Most think that the Badgers will be battling it out with Ohio State for the Leaders Divisional title in the B1G, and I happen to be one of those people. However, Wiskey will have to get through this moderately difficult season-opener first. I bet they do it in style.
UNLV 14 Wisconsin 35

Western Michigan at Michigan
The first game of the Hoke era of Michigan footbaw. First game of the season in the Big House. The first season UM actually has a returning starter at QB. I think this is gonna be a difficult day for the Broncos.
Western Michigan 21 Michigan 42

South Florida at #16 Notre Dame
Notre Dame is an unknown quantity at this point, but they get tested early with the Bulls of South Florida. It’s a home game so that should help, but the Bulls are many people’s top pick to win the Big Easy, and they will likely come into South Bend with a desire to prove themselves against what is likely to be a difficult Irish squad. Coach Brian Kelly officially starts rebuilding the Irish with this convincing win.
South Florida 14 Notre Dame 28

#3 Oregon vs. #4 LSU
This match-up would have been a lot better if Jordan Jefferson hadn’t gone and gotten himself suspended the week before the game. But the game is being played in neutral territory and both have a ton to prove to the national media. Both return a bunch of starters, but it’s Oregon who brings back the backbone of their championship caliber offense. I think this will be a very interesting match-up, but since I have to make a prediction I will lean toward Oregon, since they don’t have nearly the distractions that LSU do. Also, Les Miles’ luck has to run out eventually, right?
Oregon 28 LSU 24

#5 Boise State vs. #19 Georgia
This is the second of the “neutral site” games, both involving SEC teams playing one state away or less from their hometown. It’s also going to be the game that starts a whole lot of talk about Bulldog fever. Georgia is going to pull out a tough one in a crazy Georgia Dome.
Boise State 28 Georgia 31