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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Picks of the Week

Last week I went out on a limb with a few of my picks and none of them worked out. I went 4 for 6, to bring my percentage up to 65% on the year.

This week is conference-amaggedon. There are several interesting match-ups that should do some clarifying in major conferences.

#16 South Florida at Pittsburgh
Now Pitt has had a bit of a bad run since falling apart in the fourth quarter against Iowa a few weeks back. The Bulls look like they are the obvious Big Easy conference champs but I think Pitt is gonna put up more of a fight than peeps expect. I think the Panthers are gonna take this one
South Florida 28     Pittsburgh 30

#14 Texas A&M at #18 Arkansas
So, last week was tough for both of these teams. Arkansas got embarrassed by Alabama and aTm got bit in the waning moments by some Cowboys. Both of these teams will be looking to get their seasons back on track, and aTm will be looking to prove they deserve their spot in the SEC. I think the Big 12 is better than they are being credited. The Aggies come out on top.
Texas A&M 45     Arkansas 42

Michigan State at Ohio State
Both of these teams have embarrassing losses at the hands of non-conference opponents, but this is the start of the Big Ten season, and the Buckeyes and Spartans will be looking to get things started off right. The Horseshoe is a difficult place to play at the best of times, but the Spartans are starting walk-on wide receivers on the offensive line at this point and the Bucks have an experienced D line. I think this is the beginning of a rapid decline for ole' Sparty.
Michigan State 17     Ohio State 28

#15 Baylor at Kansas State
No one saw this one coming at the beginning of the season. Both Kansas State and Baylor are in the hunt for the Big 12 title and looking for a big signature conference win. Kansas State has looked the least impressive. I give this one to the Bears.
Baylor 35     Kansas State 21

#13 Clemson at #11 Virginia Tech
At the season's start no one was giving the ACC any love outside of FSU. Now the Seminoles have two losses and Clemson has two big victories under their belt. Few expect this game to not be replayed in December when these two teams face off again for the ACC championship. But for now both teams can use this game to figure the other one out.
Clemson 24     Virginia Tech 21

#3 Alabama at #12 Florida
This is the second of the three conference championship previews this weekend. Assuming South Carolina implodes at some point, Florida should be able to cruise through a relatively weak SEC East to find themselves again in the SEC Championship game. Alabama, on the other hand, has to get through this game, as well Nov. 5 meeting with LSU, before they can claim their spot. The way their defense is playing, though, they have a good shot. Sorry Charlie, the Tide rolls again.
Alabama 28     Florida 10

#8 Nebraska at #7 Wisconsin
This is the third preview game. Both the Huskers and Badgers have a pretty easy road to the first Big 10 championship game, but unfortunately they both have to get through each other. For the Huskers a win a over the Badgers would be a hell of a feather in their cap, but it's the Badgers who need this win. They are facing down a skeptical public and a win over Nebraska is about the only chance they'll have all season to make a case for their NC hopes. I think the Badgers are the real deal this year.
Nebraska 13     Wisconsin 35