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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Backyard Reclamation Project

The garden is a disaster. My peas got root rot. My green beans died inexplicably. My lettuce went to seed. My broccoli is being eaten up by bugs. The only thing growing are the carrots but they are growing slowly and fitfully so I'm worried they'll find some crazy disease to die of.

So, I tore everything up and planted again. The great thing about hobbies like gardening and writing is that you can always start over. As long as the will and the joy is there you can always pull it up and begin again, no worse for the experience. We'll see how this batch goes, and hopefully soon i will have some pictures of awesome carrots for you all to ogle.

As far as the rest of the backyard goes, I've started the mulch pile and so I should have glorious new dirt in a few months. I'm waiting for the late summer specials on swingsets for Lil' Man and once we have the set installed I can build the pathways and all the other doodads I plan on adding to the yard. I'm thinking everything'll be done by the winter...but then again houses are a lot like gardening and writing too, they're never really complete.

I'll post some pictures soon.