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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mergers and Acquisitions

Not so many acquisitions these past few weeks, my friends. But there are some definite mergers that are kicking my ass.

The Weepies - This cute little musical duo has been kicking around my WMP for about two years. Their song "Keep It There" has been a staple of my "Writing" mix for the entire writing of this novel-in-progress. But recently I decided to look a little bit more into their oeuvre and I found that they are the greatest thing ever!!! Their album Say I Am You is basically the sound that I was trying to achieve for about three of the last five years of my musical career. Absolutely beautiful and brilliant in a "Yesterday" kind of way. It's like that tune you wake up humming and don't know where you heard it from. It's from the middle of you. That pace that will always be eleven years old, no matter how many times the dagger gets stabbed in.

The Tree of Life - If you are familiar with Terrence Malick's work and have already decided you don't like his films then stay far far away from this one. This is the most "Malick" he's ever been, but I can't even begin to explain how beautiful this movie is. He sets out to make a movie about no less than the entire scale of life in this universe and...well, he actually succeeds. Brad Pitt is devastating. The cinematography is devastating. This won't win Best Picture because the Academy is a lifeless zombie addicted to cheese whiz but in a perfect world this movie would be the only one nominated. Four days later I'm still thinking about this*. Four days from now, I probably still will be.

Queen - Yes, that Queen. They are so over-the-top amazing that my face becomes an elongated banana grin every time I hear the classic opener "I'm just a poor boy..." I don't even care that Adam Levine and co. butchered the Royal catalog on NBC's early-summer "smash" The Voice, this music is so much a part of me that sometimes I just wanna put on my spandex body suit and grab a hairbrush and chase after some fat-bottomed girls. Cuz, you know, they make the world go round.

X-Men: First Class - Best one yet. Simply put. In fact, it'd be the best comic book movie ever made if it wasn't for that pesky Brit Christoper Nolan. For an interesting take on the film that in no way takes away from its filmic awesomeness, go here.

*For those of you who go to see it, there is about a forty-five second sequence in which the beginnings of Sean Penn's character's life are shown, which basically summed up the last two years of my life. I cried. I really did. It was so perfect and beautiful. If you have kids you'll know what I'm talking about.


Tondar said...

We finally saw Tree of Life today. 6-8 old-people walked out muttering to themselves. Dinosaurs did one couple in.

I think it was one of the best films ever made. I liked how you had to bring your thinking cap and remain engaged to the color and visual themes.