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Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Writing Links!

Let's start this off right! Obligatory DFW interview from way back when he was alive.
Money Quote:
"For someone like me who grew up in the sixties at the height of the Cold War and whose consciousness was formed by, “we are the good guy and there’s one great looming dark enemy and that’s the Soviet Union,” the idea of waking up to the fact that in today’s world very possibly we are the villain, we are the dark force, to begin to see ourselves a little bit through the eyes of people in other countries—you can imagine how difficult that is for Americans to do. Nevertheless, with a lot of the people that I know that’s slowly starting to happen."

The Millions brings the heat with a great article about Philip K. Dick.

I met the author of this book the other day and she is the nicest person ever. It's cool to meet people who are a little further along the path to super-stardom than me.

Speaking of superstars, if you haven't bought xtx's Normally Special then you're a certified idiot.

I'm thinking about reading James Joyce's Ulysses after finishing The Help. Does this make me a crazy person? Discuss amongst yourselves.


Mr. B. said...

It is a good time of year to read Ulysses.

Tres Crow said...

I've heard that, but I've decided to finally just sit down and finish Moby Dick. I've been "reading" it for like a year and I need to shit or get off the pot with this thing. Ulysses next...or maybe finish Ellison's Invisible Man.

Mister Booze said...

Also, if you haven't already read Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, I highly recommend reading that prior to Ulysses. It will introduce you to Joyce's neologisms and stream of consciousness gradually, as well as Mr. Stephen Dedalus.