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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Apocalypse Watch

This was a great day for bizarro news from around this great nation of ours. American exceptionalism is alive and strong on this, the tenth day of June in the year of Our Lord two thousand and eleven, my friends. here's a small collection of greatest hits from two papers of record.
The question reads: The stock market swoons, but are we in for an all-out pass-out?

Infrastructure? We don't need no stinkin' infrastructure. Detroit opts for air-conditioning au-naturel.

Arizona on fire...again. I'm sure it's all because of illegal immigrantion.

A large pack of dogs is killing livestock in Washington...yes you read that right.

Chicago is preparing for more "flash mobs," and not the cuddly kind that dance on YouTube.

But don't worry, everyone, Texas is here to save the day. That is, as long as you pay no attention to the accounting tricks behind the balanced budget.

On a related note, my little garden is doing wonderful. I have beans a growing. I have broccoli a sprouting. And home gardening has become such a thing* that it even now has corporate sponsorship. Who knew Triscuits were made on small farms in backyards all across American suburbia? Strange times we live in, folks.

*Seriously though, just about every adult I know with one or more kids is growing at least one vegetable in their backyard. I thought I was a weirdo when I started this until I started talking to everyone else. I think this is a legitimate "thing" now. Is it because of the economy? A general unease with the future of this country? A desire for something real amongst all the lies? All three for me. I dunno about everyone else.