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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Writing Links!

Tony Perrottet of the New York Times gives a little insight into the long and interesting history of literary marketing (authorial whoring?). I guess I don't feel so bad now.

The Millions, as always, has an excellent article on the difficulty of writing novels in the face of the rising tide of electronic inundation.

Short Round over at Alternative 1985 has some truly interesting/bizarre things to say about a recent study that found people became frightened when a prosthetic third arm was threatened with a knife. I love this man's mind. I must admit this.

China Mieville manages to blow my mind in a single sentence. As a parent of a two year old I see anthropomorphs constantly and yet I've never thought critically about the very real (il)logical boundaries placed on anthropomorphism. China, you the man.

As usual, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows has yet another amazing new word for you writers to use.


n. a musical flavor found in electric guitar solos that compels you to snarl, squint and bend your spine like a longbow being drawn back to fire a warning shot to your distant ancestors, so they may know that your domestication will not go unavenged.
And, lastly, another awesome article from the NY Times about the powers of social persuasion in determining successful commodities in the cultural marketplace.