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Friday, May 27, 2011


Like all albums, no matter how good, there are usually songs that are there primarily to fill space. Of course the author doesn't tell the song that at the time. It's kind of like a girl or a boy that you don't date for very long. You say nice things and smile and make out and stuff but deep down you know things ain't gonna work out. Some songs are like that.

"Dragonfly" is like that. I swear I meant it when I said I loved this song as Oblivion sweated away in the basement of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house, building each verse and chorus just the way we liked it, and building up so much animosity among the frat bros that we would practically be forced at gunpoint out the back door three months later*. I swear I wasn't lying as we added the awesome guitar breakdown toward the end. I swear I wasn't faking it when I belted that big "yeah" before the last chorus.

Still, more than five years on, I don't really like this song all that much. The lyrics, which meant so much to me at the time, now seem kind of stupid. If I recall properly, they are about staying up late into the night tossing and turning and thinking whether or not you should break up with someone, or something like that. Considering the heavier lyrical fare on TGITM, "Dragonfly" seems like a creampuff.

The twin guitar soloing toward the end is the best part. It's some of the best guitar work Ben and Jay ever laid down on record. I listen to this song still mostly for those forty seconds, when I can close my eyes and lay back and listen to Jason and Ben sing to each other, and remember what it felt like to be 22 and be absolutely certain that I was a part of the greatest thing ever.

*Which turned out to not be all that bad of thing. Not only did the whole having a common enemy thing really build some great comraderie amongst the band dudes, it also sent us reeling into the 308 Days, a swoon we wouldn't ever really recover a good way.  

Word by Tres Crow
Music by Oblivion

The sheets feel like a death robe
Gracing me with its presence
The hard lines of my bed
Frame this portrait of anxiety

All my thoughts empty
Into my throat damming
The very breath it would take to keep the peace
The fluid quality
Of these emotions is so much
Like the flood of my own dreams

I am so fearful
That when the dam breaks I will be washed away
This feeling is so hauntingly familiar

And the pressure is
Building a navy
Too great to overcome
Rolling and thundering

And the pressure is
Building a navy
Too great to overcome
Rolling and breaking me down

But when the water’s raging
Rushed down to fill my lungs
All those fears and doubts that plagued me
Released their hold on me

Lyrics reprinted by permission of Shire Reckoning Publishing House