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Monday, March 14, 2011

Part One is Done!

So, after all my rambling about how difficult it would be to finish the last chapter of Part One because of all the info I had to stuff into the chapter without things getting overwrought and lame, I managed to sit down in one night and rattle the whole thing off. I'm satisfied with it. With first drafts all I'm hoping for is to get the ideas down on paper. I can fiddle with execution later on. Part One is now done and Part Two can begin.

Now that it's done, I need to adjust my figures a little. Part One ended up clocking in at around 70K words, so that means the final book could be closer to 190K-210K words. That is slightly less intimidating.

The next section is a lot more chaotic. The characters will now start to dance with each other a little. It'll be interesting to see how they like each other.