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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Planting Time

The time has finally come to put my newly cleaned out greenhouse to good use. I decided to go with six veggies in order to get a good idea of what I'm good at and what I'm not good at. I'm going with broccoli, green beans, peas, iceberg lettuce, carrots, and summer squash. The squash, peas, and carrots have to be planted directly into the ground a week after the chance of ground freeze has passed, so I'll wait until the greenhouse plants are ready to be planted and then plant all six in the garden together. This is probably for the best since it means I only have to focus on three plants while I finish cleaning out the backyard. I'm probably super over-killing here, but I planted about 18 seeds of each veggie (lettuce, beans, and broccoli) assuming I will find a way to kill at least half the plants. Right now my main paranoia is that I will drown the seeds with all the water I poured over them, but everything I read called for a good, solid soaking at the outset, so hopefully my paranoia is unfounded. I think there will probably be a lot of unfounded paranoia throughout this process. I think I'm just beginning to realize what farming means: waiting a long time for less-than-obvious results. If there is a better physical embodiment of patience, I don't know what it is.

As far as the backyard goes, I'm about 40-45% done cleaning out the ivy, which means in about four weeks or so I should be in a position to till it all up and start landscaping. This should be about the time the plants are ready to put in the garden, so the timing should be just about perfect. I found a ton of random clay pots buried under about two inches of soil and ivy. I mean, I literally found about 30 clay pots, most of which were smashed but some of which I'll be able to use in the greenhouse. I also found some slate pieces and some walkway bricks which I'll certainly find a place for.

I also found a grenade a few weeks back. My wife pointed at it half-buried in the soil and asked what it was. I said, jokingly, that it was a grenade and then kicked it and it totally was a grenade. We called the police and they sent out a county cop and a dude from the bomb squad and our neighbors poked their heads out their doors to see what craziness was going down. I explained to them all that I had a grenade in my backyard and there was nothing to worry about, which made them really worried. Then the bomb squad guy looked at the grenade intently and turned it from side to side then said something into his walkie talkie. Then he said it wasn't a live grenade and the neighborhood was safe for human habitation. We breathed a sigh of relief and they left with the grenade. Then I went back to my ivy pulling. It was a crazy time. You shoulda been there.

So the next few weeks will be about pulling up ivy, watering little plantlets, and constantly worrying I've screwed something up. Stay tuned for my neurotic blubbering.