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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Backyard Reclamation Project: Update

Well, after nearly a month of work, I've finally finished the greenhouse. Just in time for planting season, too. I replaced and cleaned all the panes of glass, tossed out about 20 5-gallon buckets that were gathering spiderwebs, and raked out the pebble floor and spread out a couple more bags of pebbles to make the floor even. I have to admit, the place looks remarkable compared to how it looked before. I broke a few panes of glass and had to create make-shift replacements for them, but those panes are primarily hidden behind hedges so they're hardly noticeable, and, judging by the temperature in the greenhouse this weekend, they aren't effecting the greenhouse's functionality.

Next weekend I'll start planting the veggies, though I haven't officially decided just what I'm going to plant. I'm gonna grow green beans and squash for sure because those are O's and C's fav veggies respectively, but as far as the rest, I'm torn. I think peas would be good, or spinach...maybe tomatoes? I'm open to any suggestions. It would probably be best for me to focus on something that is easy to store and not too hard to grow.

I'm going to start by putting the seeds in these nifty things--

--and let the seeds germinate inside the greenhouse until early April when it should be properly rainy and sunny and the little plants sufficiently strong to withstand any weather disturbances. Therefore I have to finish the backyard in the next six weeks or else I won't have nowhere to put the little guys.

As far as the garden goes, I waffle back and forth between buying a pre-fab garden square, or buying the lumber and building it myself. I mean, it's just a square of wood, how hard could it be? I'll probably do that. It'll probably be cheaper in the long run too.

So, basically, things are going well and are coming according to plan. I'm getting all the infrastructure completed to get my family just a little lower carbon and have an awesome backyard for entertaining and playing alike. If any of you have experience growing stuff, leave your tips in the comments section, or write me directly.


Patrick said...

Tres - Before you get deep into it I recommend you read the book Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. He's broken down gardening into a very simple & efficient method. Plus lots of great do-it-yourself & organic ideas to work on the garden year-round, with plenty of illustrations for us amateurs. Josh recommended this to me and I've been using it as a reference in my own garden, which I've finally started after being fully derailed by the flood last year.

keep us up to date on the progress and post some pics!

Tondar said...

Being your first year you should try a variety of vegetables to see what your family enjoys and what grows best in your soil. A variety of tomatoes are a late summer favorite of our family. We make spaghetti, gazpacho, roasts, appetizers, soups, salads, or just a healthy snack for kids.

Tres Crow said...

Thanks for the tips, guys. Especially the book. I like books. They're sort of my thing. Pics will be forthcoming once I get a sunny day to take some. The greenhouse ended up really nice looking, so I'm excited to show it off.