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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Year of the Novel: The Update

Three weeks in and I have been sticking to my belated New Year's resolution. It's the second week of February, so I suppose that is a victory in and of itself. Here are some numbers and esoterica from my last three weeks.

-I have written between 1/20/2011 and 2/11/2011 around 13,400 words, which makes an average of 4466 words per week. At this pace, with 46 more weeks to go in 2011, I should be able to rattle off 205K more words before year's end. That should more than take care of the rough draft of this book.

-This week was my best yet, with me finishing off almost 5K of those 13,400 words, and completing the longest chapter of the book so far.

-I lied in the first YotN post. The book so far is only 56K words, not 80K as I'd written previously. The 80k had come from my estimation about the probable length of Part One of the book, which (as I just said) is currently 56K words with one and a half chapters left to write. Each chapter has been between 7K and 12K words so far, so I projected that out to get the 80K total. That projection still stands, and if taken to the logical end, still makes the book a 240K word monster, though I have a feeling the last third will be shorter than the first two. So, maybe 220K is a more probable word total. Is this too long? Probably. When I send this out to my writer friends and trusted allies in the literary war, and take a second look at the manuscript myself in early 2012, I'll probably find about 30K-40K words that are superfluous, which is usually my style. Write, write, write, overwrite, and then chop like a madman before sending the work out for (hopeful) publication.

-Here is a teaser of what I've written so far and what comes next. A skeleton, let's say. Be forensic scientists, my friends, read the bones and decide what the face looks like.

Prologue: In The Beginning...
Part One: Freaks, Geeks, and Punks
Chapter One: Josh Stone takes His Medicine
Chapter Three: Chuck Gardner Meets An Old Friend
Chapter Three: Katrina Freeman Kisses Her Mother Goodbye
Chapter Four: Chuck Gardner Sees Some Crazy Shit
Chapter Five: Katrina Freeman Also Sees Some Crazy Shit
Chapter Six: Josh Stone Gets His Rest

Intermission One: Marty Stedman Opens The Mail
Intermission Two: Tommy Portula Gets His Punk (currently working on)
Intermission Three: Gabriel's Dream #1

Part Two: The Midway
Chapters One-Six: I Have No F-ing Clue

Intermission: Gabriel's Dream #2

Part Three: The Greatest Show On Earth

Epilogue: Gabriel's Dream #3