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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Picks of the Week

So the past week saw the Big Ten get muddier, my beloved Wolverines reach their potential, the SEC and Big 12 get clearer, and proved Oregon can also play defense when they have to.

With just two more weeks in the regular season most of the major conference races are pretty well sewed up: South Carolina will be playing against Auburn in the SEC championship game, Nebraska will most likely be playing a team from Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship game, and Florida State and Virginia Tech seemed destined for a collision course in the ACC. Oregon has two tough conference match-ups coming up, but will be the Pac 10 champs if they win at least one of them, though their National Championship hopes rest on remaining undefeated. Only the Big Ten remains a mystery, as Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Michigan State all have only one loss and have pundits scanning the rule book to determine who might be representing the conference in the automatic BCS bid. The problem is that both Ohio State and Wisconsin have tough tests ahead of them, which could put MSU in the lead.

Last week I went 4 for 6 to bring my total to 54 out of 79 games, or 68%. Not too shabby, though it's clear by now I am no prognosticator.

Here're the week's big games: