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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Picks of the Week

After last weekend's horrible Halloween joke the gods played on me in Happy Valley, a lot of my enthusiasm for the season has waned. I'm not gonna lie, my Wolverines are killing me. Beyond that, my picks also went woefully south. I went a measly 2 for 5 to bring my season total to 46 out of 67, or 69%. Bah humbug.

This week brings some interesting tests for the top rated teams, like Washington versus Oregon, or Chattanooga versus Auburn, or...oh wait, never mind, the top teams are all playing cupcakes this week. That is, except Utah and TCU who are playing each other for all the marble in the Mountain West. Other than that game the fireworks will all be in the SEC, where 'Bama gets the earn the right to spoil Auburn's NC hopes in the Iron Bowl at the end of the month.

No. 21 Baylor at No. 17 Oklahoma State
If you want evidence that the Big 12 has completely fallen apart look no further than the fact that Baylor is actually in control of its destiny in the Big 12 South. They need only beat Oklahoma and they could actually get the opportunity to have their butts chewed off by Nebraska in Dallas in December. This will be a pretty big test for them. I doubt they'll survive the night.
Baylor 24 Oklahoma State 35

No. 3 TCU at No. 5 Utah
The only reason both of these teams are ranked this high this week is because everyone knows one of them will have a loss after this week. I expect Utah, who will lose this game, to fall off a cliff in the polls on Sunday. TCU is a very good team this season, and Utah has been largely untested. I expect the Horned Frogs to leap ahead of the Utes. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
TCU 28 Utah 16

Illinois at Michigan
AHHHHHHH! Last weekend was interminable. For the third week in a row the Wolverines went down by 21 points early in a game and spent the rest of the time playing catch-up only to fall just short as time expired. Our defense is the worst in the country; our offense is great most of the time, but can't afford to stumble when they know the defense is going to allow a score every time the opposing team touches the ball. This is not football, this is playing chess with a bunch of queens and no pawns. I expect Michigan to struggle with a rising Illini, but hope springs eternal. If the defense can get a few stops the Michigan offense might actually be able to win a game.
Illinois 35 Michigan 38

No. 18 Arkansas at No. 19 South Carolina
While Arkansas is pretty much out of the running in the SEC West, South Carolina really needs to win this game to stay ahead in the East. Add the fact that the game is being played in Columbia, and I think the Cocks might ride away into the sunset with another SEC win.
Arkansas 21 South Carolina 28

No. 6 Alabama at No. 10 LSU
This is definitely the key match-up in the SEC West. An LSU win here pretty well shores up the West for Auburn, while a win for 'Bama sets the stage for some major fireworks at the end of the month in the Iron Bowl. Not only do I have zero confidence in The Gambler's ability to beat Nick Satan, but I'm sure the SEC refs will make sure that the focus stays on the league well into November. Alabama runs away with it.
Alabama 28 LSU 16

No. 15 Arizona at No. 13 Stanford
The Pac 10 slate is full of pillow fights this week, expect for this bonfire between The Cardinal and the Wildcats. An Arizona win means that they could theoretically win the conference with a win against Oregon later in the month, while a Stanford victory more or less means Oregon will win out, unless they happen to stumble twice in their remaining schedule. I think Stanford is rolling.
Arizona 28 Stanford 35

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What You Have Done

Awww heck, I'll just throw another Greenland tune out there for y'all. Toward the end of the first end of Greenland we were starting to record random songs in Michael's garage-attic-turned-studio because, well, we had the time and technology. That, plus Michael is the kind of guy who is capable of singular, sustained obsessions and after going through the hassle of setting up the garage attic studio he became seriously curious about recording techniques and was looking for any excuse to try them out. The fact that he was in a band certainly helped satisfy his curiosity since he could simple have one of us come over whenever we were available and screw around for awhile.

Monday, November 1, 2010

You are the 5000th visitor!!!

...or maybe it was the person before you, or after you, I can't really be sure. But the fact remains that at some point today the 5000th visitor will have come and checked out Dog Eat Crow World. I honestly can't tell you how crazy that is to me, to think that that many people have stopped by and read my zaniness. On top of that this also happens to be the one year anniversary of the blog, so I figured I would spend this post taking a look back at what has made it so much fun to do.

Here are some random things you probably don't know.