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Friday, July 23, 2010

Turn it off

Gary Shteyngart of the New York Times wrote an interesting essay about addiction to electronic devies as it relates to writers.

Here it is.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Write LIke...

So, there's this new website invented by a crazy Russian dude in which you paste a sample of your writing and it tells you who you write like*. It's completely useless except as a party trick, though the inventor has grander plans in the works.

Here's a news story about the site.

And here's the site.

*Surprise, surprise, I write like David Foster Wallace...seriously.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Science Fiction dead?

John Gray over at the New Statesman posits as much in his thought-provoking essay "War of the Words". It's a pretty short read, but Mr. Gray packs a lot of ideas into such a short piece.

You can read it here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Way It Is

This song was on Greenland's one and only EP, which was released in 2007. Michael Green and Matt Goetz then went and worked their little tails off on a stop-motion video using about 50+ toys and taking hours upon hours. That video managed to win the Best Song category on the Youtube Underground contest and has, to this point, been viewed by half a million people worldwide. You can view the video here.

That much you may know already, but here's a little more: this song comes from the mid-point in Greenland's short, but intense career. Forming Greenland really helped start to pull me out of the depressive tailspin I was in upon moving to Nashville (the eventual completion of which happened after I met my future wife), and so after playing with the guys for almost six months I finally started to feel like I belonged somewhere in this new city. We'd played a few well-received shows; we were making music we cared about and made us happy; and I was getting invited to some parties finally, so I wasn't spending every weekend sitting on my hands. So, with a sense of belonging out of the way, I trained my sights on women, all the while maintaining my usual sense of melancholy and despair about the whole thing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

PANK Magazine

If you don't know about PANK, that's a damn shame. PANK is the brain child of M. Bartley Seigel*, an extremely talented writer in his own right, who started the online, print, and small run publishing house collective in 2006. According to the magazine's website, by 2009 the magazine had 80,000 readers in 138 countries, which sounds about right to me. PANK is the premier online literary magazine, boasting an aesthetic that is both humorous and witty, yet not afraid to get serious when that is what the story calls for.

If you are a reader then you can check out the website, which posts a new story every day of the year, or you can order one of the uber-beautiful print editions, whenever they release those. PANK 4 was recently released, and can be gotten here.

If you are a writer, do your research and then submit. This is one of the few markets that have virtually no submission guidelines, other than to not suck and have an idea of what PANK publishes before you submit.

So, check out the website, check out the magazine, see your name in lights. Either way show PANK some love, because such a brilliant, unpretentious literary market is a rare gem indeed.

*And also, co-edited by the lovely Roxane Gay.