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Friday, July 9, 2010

Publication is Mine!

My story "Just A Feeling" has been included in the Down in the Dirt collection Bound. It includes a ton of other great fiction featured in DITD over the last year and sports a nifty BDSM cover design to impress all your friends. The volume is only $26.62 for the big version and $19.84 for the little one without all the shiny pictures.

You can pick up the book here.

Naturally I would appreciate it if you would support those who have supported me, but if you can't swing the scratch then you can read, or reread, the story here (Yes, I know that this is a link to Ascent Aspirations, who also ran the story, but the DITD link doesn't take you directly to the story soooooo, Ascent Aspirations).

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lit Thursday!

Here's a hodge podge of lit links for your Thursday afternoon:

The venerable decomP has their latest issue live right here.

PANK got one of those stories which they've become so famous know, good. It's by David Frederick Thomas and you can read it here.

Staccato's got some brilliant little gems for you in their Summer Issue here.

And, one more for the road, so to speak...Roxane Gay sort of gives you the five-fingered death punch in this one from Emprise Review. Here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another great piece from The Millions

Once again The Millions delivers with a thought-provoking inquiry into the eerie similarities between the Airborne Toxic Event in Don DeLillo's dystopic masterpiece White Noise and the Gulf Oil Spill. The Millions is quickly becoming mandatory reading for me.

Check out the essay here.


Congrats are in order for Mr. Alan Stewart Carl over at It Ain't What'cha Write for graduating with an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University. Mr. Carl is a helluva talent and I wish him the best of luck with his shiny new degree.

For a resfresher you can read my interview with Mr. Carl from earlier this year here.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zombie Summer continues!

Zombie Summer over at xTx's blog, Nothing to Say, keeps on rolling with today's impressive short story, "Outside the Box" by John Haggerty.

Check out the story here.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Love

I realized recently that the last time I posted some of my songs I sort of just threw them up here without any context as to why they should be important or anything like that. So, in order to rectify that situation, here's a re-post of the lyrics and mp3 of one of my songs, which I recorded with my misnomered duo, Noble Three (with Patrick Rickelton of prattle on, rick. and now Nuelore).

Here the sitch with the song:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th, y'all!


Happy Independence Day to all my American friends!