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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

He is Talking to the Fat Lady

As soon as I heard xTx had a chapbook coming out on Safety Third Enterprises, I made sure I was waiting in the e-line the day it came on sale. Good thing I did because the darn thing sold out in a day.

Well, the adorable little green book came last week and over the weekend I had the chance to devour it in one sitting. While I had read some of the stories before they were certainly deserving of a second pass through, and the new ones were pretty much exactly as I expected: harsh, brutal, and absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, due to the whole sold out nature of the chapbook, any of you who don't already have it can't get a copy, but several of the stories have been published before, including the titular story.

Anyway, the chapbook is great, read xTx. Go to her blog.


xTx said...

Thank you!!

Tres Crow said...

No problem. You deserve any and all praise sent your way.