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Monday, December 6, 2010

Dog Eat Crow Magazine

So, it has occurred to me over the last few months that this blog has become far too solipsistic and thematically fragmented to warrant posting other author's fiction here. It seems strange to show off great works by other people in between posts about college football and bragging about my latest writerly conquest.

So, I have no started Dog Eat Crow Magazine for the sole purpose of showcasing great fiction by people who are not me. You can still come here for the normal off-topic (or on-topic) blogging and rantation, but as often as I can I'll be posting short stories, poetry, and flash fiction over at DECM.

Anyway, so, like, I just wanted to let you know. The first official Dog Eat Crow Magazine story went live a week or so ago. It's Jordan Matthew Walsh's curiosity "The Dog You Hated Died Today, Thought You'd Like To Know."