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Monday, November 1, 2010

You are the 5000th visitor!!!

...or maybe it was the person before you, or after you, I can't really be sure. But the fact remains that at some point today the 5000th visitor will have come and checked out Dog Eat Crow World. I honestly can't tell you how crazy that is to me, to think that that many people have stopped by and read my zaniness. On top of that this also happens to be the one year anniversary of the blog, so I figured I would spend this post taking a look back at what has made it so much fun to do.

Here are some random things you probably don't know.

*DECW has been visited by over 5000 unique individuals (well, you probably know that, but only because I just told you).
*These unique individuals have looked at over 9300 pages.
*DECW has had visitors from 82 different countries from all 6 of the inhabited continents.
*While the most visits obviously have come from the United States, our neighbors to the north haven't been slacking any either. 200 peeps have stopped by from the great country of Canada.
*Europe has provided 540 people, Asia 130, Australia 112, South America 38, and Africa 20.
*Just like Oasis I'm totally popular in the UK. 167 people have read my rantations in the last year. That's, like, a Brit every two days.
*Within the US, DECW has had a visitor from all 50 states.
*The Top Ten providers of visitors by state? In order of least to most: Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, California, Illinois, Georgia, New York, Michigan. The state sending the least amount of visitors to the site? Wyoming...but listen y'all, the one person with internet connection who actually lives in that state has been to the site, so I count that as a victory.
*The Top Ten providers of visitors by city? Again, in order of least to most: Skyland, Birmingham, Los Angeles, Asheville, Chicago, Nashville, Madison, Atlanta, Troy, New York City. The city that sent the least amount of visitors? Well, this is a tie between Caspar, Vermillion, Hamilton, and about forty other cities in the US.

The Internets
* has referred more visitors to DECW than any other site on the Internet. The rest of the Top Five in order from least to most are: Facebook, MisterBooze, Blogger, and Google.
*More people have found the site by Googling "prattle on rick" than anything else. The Top Five Google searches that have lead to DECW in order from least to most are: "rejectamentalist manifesto," "dog eat crow," "dog eat crow world," and "dogeatcrow." That would probably explain why over a thousand people have found their way to the site by typing the url in their browser directly.
*The strangest Google searches that have actually lead people to this site are easily "juan antonio 1e" (I just don't know how the heck this landed someone at DECW, "fake pick hannah smith and hector dog" (WTF!?), "18 gay blog" (I guess this makes some sense), and the year's best Google search was "xTx fece bookofsex."

The Posts
Throughout the last year DECW has posted on all sorts of things, from writer profiles to Top Five lists, from other people's short fiction to book, movie, and song reviews. While some posts have been more successful than others, it seems to me the collective weight of all 637 posts have been why so many people have visited the website. Or maybe I have no idea why and I'm merely inventing a reason. Either way, here are the Top Ten most viewed posts, with linky dinks to each one if you want to relive the good ole' days.

10. Appalachian Gothic (44 views) - In which I review Charles Dodd White's brilliant debut novel, Lambs of Men.
9. Warships (55 views) - In which I tell the tale of my rock band of old, Oblivion, and how we managed to overcome our youth, inexperience, and alcoholism to craft a pretty darn good rock recording in a suburban Detroit basement.
8. Writer Spotlight: Daniel Davis (57 views) - In which I interview the venerable Daniel Davis, a young author of incredible horror that is frightening for its realism.
7. His Doomed Affair: Jacob Hunt on Turning Your life into Art (71 views) - In which I interview Atlanta-based comic strip artist Jacob Hunt about the blurred boundaries between real life and art in his comic strip My Doomed Affair.
6. Movie Spotlight: Marty Buccafusco from Sneakers and Soul (72 views) - In which I interview co-writer and producer of the film Sneakers And Soul about the film and what he plans to do next.
5. Writer Spotlight: Nicholas J. Carter (83 views) - In which I interview Mr. Carter about his curious view on magical realism and Moondogs.
4. Writer Spotlight: Charles Dodd White (127 views) - In which I interview Southern Gothic writer Charles Dodd White about his fiction, manhood, and what it means to be Southern in the 21st century.
3. Writer Spotlight: xTx (156 views) - In which I interview the enigmatic author of brilliantly brutal short fiction and poetry. Special bonus feature: a long-as-hell manifesto in which I lay out the chief characteristics of the current underground Internet writing scene.
2. Writer Spotlight: Roxane Gay (264 views) - In which I interview the soon-to-be-blowed-up author of about nine billion published works. This interview lead me to all sorts of great fiction so I gotta say this is sort of the one that started it all. Not to mention the darn thing's been viewed 260 times.
1. Weekly Top Five: Edition! (3305 views) - In which's very own Vince Neilstein drops some knowledge on DECW about the goriest album covers of all time. This was part of a content swap Vince and I did back in October of '09. I wrote a long story about a Mastodon album that had little to nothing to do with the actual album, and Vince wrote this doozy. It's no secret that this post did a great deal to kick start the continued interest in DECW, and I gotta thank Mr. Neilstein again for his insight into the wonderful world of gory metal album covers.

So, there you go everyone. Dog Eat Crow's been on the airwaves for a year now, and 5000 people have come to the site. I thank you all for taking the time to read my posts and I hope that next year we can celebrate 5000 more visitors to the wonderful world of eating crows.


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