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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What You Have Done

Awww heck, I'll just throw another Greenland tune out there for y'all. Toward the end of the first end of Greenland we were starting to record random songs in Michael's garage-attic-turned-studio because, well, we had the time and technology. That, plus Michael is the kind of guy who is capable of singular, sustained obsessions and after going through the hassle of setting up the garage attic studio he became seriously curious about recording techniques and was looking for any excuse to try them out. The fact that he was in a band certainly helped satisfy his curiosity since he could simple have one of us come over whenever we were available and screw around for awhile.

Anyway, this song had been kicking around our live set for awhile. Like "April" it was a good chance for us to throw up our heels and just get crazy for about a minute and a half without worrying about looking cool or any of that rock star bullocks. Also like "April" there isn't a lot of lyrical depth to this song. I wrote it within two weeks of "April" and "The Communion" while still living in Ann Arbor, and at the time I envisioned it being a quick, upbeat number pretty much exactly as Greenland orchestrated it, so it sort of, strangely, ended up being one of the most successful translations from mind to recording I've ever had, even though it never got much play, respect, or publicity.

The song is simple. Boy likes girl; girl don't like him so much so she cheats on him. Boy yells about it for 90 seconds.


What You Have Done
Words and Music by Tres Crow

You sound coy on the telephone
"What's up?" but I've heard it all before
"I haven't seen you in so long."
"I'm sure."

But I know what you have done
'Cause it's all over your face

What goes around always comes around
I'm sure that you've heard it all before
"I haven't seen you in so long"

But I know what you have done
'Cause it's all over your face

Lyrics reprinted by permission Shire Reckoning Publishing House.