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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Picks of the Week

Well, it was a pretty crazy week of football. My Wolverines had to score 67 points in 3 overtimes in order to become bowl eligible and hang a W on the Fighting Illini. In other crazy news, Oklahoma lost and Nebraska barely made it passed Iowa State and LSU somehow beat Alabama. All in all I went 4 for 6 to bring my total to 50 out of 73 games, or 68%. Eh.

This week has some very interesting conference match-ups, especially in the schizo SEC, which features two games between Top 25 teams.

Michigan at Purdue
Most everyone in the know thought that UM would go 7-5 this season, and with the crazy win over Illinois last weekend, this weekend's match-up sets the Wolverines up nicely to get that seventh win before getting crushed by Wisconsin and Ohio State in the final two weeks. While hope springs eternal and there is certainly reason to believe that Michigan could potentially pull off an upset against either of those two teams, it would be better to focus on putting one step in front of the other and put the Boilermakers on ice. The Wolverines are not so great yet that they can look passed road games against hungry opponents. I don't think Purdue has what it takes to stop the Michigan express, but this will probably be a close game since Michigan's defense makes everyone look like Heisman candidates.
Michigan 48 Purdue 31

No. 24 Kansas State at No. 17 Missouri
While Nebraska pretty much has the Big 12 North wrapped up at this point, Kansas State still has an outside chance if they can get passed Missouri and get a little luck in the Kansas/Nebraska game. After last week's loss to Texas Tech, Missouri seems to be on a bit of a slide, while KSU is rolling. I think this will be a close, hard fought match that ends with a bit of intrigue going into the Nebraska/Kansas State game the following week. Wildcats win.
Kansas State 28 Missouri 24

Georgia at No. 2 Auburn
My Bulldogs have looked less than stellar this season, and with Auburn rolling it would seem an obvious choice to pick the Tigers to win this one. But the UGA/Auburn game is always a big one and when you get these many emotions stirred up anything can happen. I'm not going to go so far as to predict a Georgia win, but I think it will be very close up until the fourth quarter when Cam Newton puts on the afterburners and puts the Dawgs away.
Georgia 28 Auburn 38

No. 19 Mississippi State at No. 12 Alabama
This is the first of two key match-ups in the SEC. While Alabama and Mississippi State would both need some major stumbles on behalf of LSU and Auburn to have a shot at reaching the SEC championship game, both have a lot on the line here as 'Bama is trying to avoid their worst SEC finish in three years, and Mississippi State trying to attain one of their best. I'm not certain the Bulldogs have what it takes to stifle an angry 'Bama offense.
Mississippi State 21 Alabama 28

No. 23 South Carolina at No. 22 Florida
For all intents and purposes this is the SEC East divisional championship. Florida and South Carolina are tied in both their conference and overall records, which means the winner of this game gets the dubious honor of being the 12th or 13th Auburn victory. But its been a long haul for both teams and what sweet vindication it would be for Spurrier to clinch the East in The Swamp in front of all those fans who have mocked him since his departure from Florida. If this game had happened three weeks ago I would have predicted a SoCar win, but since then the Cocks have been slipping and the Gators found their offense hiding under a rock in Jacksonville. I think Florida will win by ten points.
South Carolina 24 Florida 34

No. 1 Oregon at California
Should this game be up here at all? I dunno. Mostly it just seems like someone should be able to beat the Ducks, and yet every week they don't just win, but they win big. Even against decent teams like USC, or good teams like Stanford. No one can stop them, it seems. Maybe a Cal team that is undefeated at home? Probably not.
Oregon 52 California 31