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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Well shucks, y'all, now you're just embarrassin' me

My fine friends at decomP have gone and outdone themselves this time. They've nominated my short "The Devil's Courtyard" for the 2010 Pushcart Prize. For those of you who may not know, the Pushcart is like the Pulitzer of small presses, which basically means I'm as awesome as Cormac McCarthy and even awesomer than Stephen King...ya know, because, like, he hasn't been nominated for a Pushcart or a Pulitzer. Which I guess that means me and Cormac are both awesomer than Stephen King. Cool.

I guess this means my quest to become the most beloved ginger-haired author in the world is just that much closer now. I'll be signing autographed photos of myself out of the back of my CRV behind the Walmart on Clairmont tomorrow for those of you who are interested. I'll even supply the pens. There was a special at Staples last week.


Steve said...

That is awesome in its awesomeness! Congratulations.

Alan Stewart Carl said...

Hey man, congrats. That's a fantastic story.

Tres Crow said...

Thanks so much to both of y'all. Alan, I just read your post about writing. Spot on, brother. Very eloquently put.

Patrick said...

I'll be first in the autograph line.