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Monday, October 4, 2010

Party Crashers

About six months into Noble Three's short but prolific career we decided that it would be cool to set up a small mobile recording studio in Patrick's house and make small one-off recordings to put up on the web in between the official e-single releases. The idea was for these recordings to be aural sketches, off-the-cuff, without too much thought or fuss put into them. Certainly there were plenty of songs that we wanted to give the full Fuson treatment to, but these "sketches" would just be Patrick and me with as few instruments as we could get away with.

Well, it happened that about the third time we got together, to record the song "My Loneliest Year," we ended up screwing around with some keyboards and came up with the one and only Noble Three instrumental. There are no lyrics and the inspiration for it came simply from this really awesome synth patch I found on one of Patrick's keyboards, which lent a ton of ambiance to the recording.

The title comes from the Chuck Palahniuk novel Rant in which young people drive around getting wasted in the hopes of getting in horrible car wrecks. The witty, and somewhat twisted, term for these revelers is "party crashers." For me, I just liked the double meaning and so we offered this relatively throw-away title for this statistical outlier of a song.

We recorded two versions of the song. The first was very loose and shorter and was thrown together almost on the spot. Patrick liked this version better for its spontaneity and verve. I always preferred the second version though because I think it is a more fleshed-out iteration of the concept. There's more going on, IMO. And since it's my blog it is the second version y'all are getting here.

There are no lyrics so the lyrics come courtesy of no one.


Patrick said...

A nice memory. Version A is still far superior. Demo love, I guess.

Tres Crow said...

And you know what, Patrick? On your blog you can post Version A. LOL! Version A had something special too, I think I'm just a weirdo who isn't entirely comfortable with truly off-the-cuff stuff. That was an eventful afternoon, wasn't it?

Been listening to Nuelore some more. Like it more everytime I put it in the CD player.