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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Writing Links!

Alan Stewart Carl has a brilliant apocalyptic story here, in Necessary Fiction.

Amber Sparks, who is currently the Writer In Residence over at Necessary Fiction, has also started an interesting blog/project titled The Ancient City, which showcases little ditties from names you prolly recognize from this here blog. I still am not entirely sure what the heck the ancient city is or what is going on at this website, but the stories are great, and the mystery just makes it better.

Jason Jordan whacks 'em and stacks 'em here at >kill author, with his short story "Do Not Let Them Take You."

The wondrous xTx is teaming up with Matt DeBenedictus' Safety Third Enterprises to release her very first chapbook, titled He Is Talking To The Fat Lady. Press release, and ordering info here.

Roxane Gay writes about the joys of the Jheri Curl at Defunct.


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