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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Picks of the Week

Well, it was bound to happen. I whiffed on a couple of picks last week: I really thought Georgia was gonna beat South Carolina, and there was no way of knowing Florida State was gonna look so bad against Oklahoma. But, with my 100% from last week, this puts me at a sort of surprisingly good 90% (18 of 20). This week we have a lot less big games, but there are a few of interest.

No. 12 Arkansas at Georgia
This game is sort of do or die for the Bulldogs. After a crushing defeat in Columbia to the Gamecocks, Mark Richt needs to basically win the rest of his SEC games in order to have any hope of winning the SEC East. Unfortunately for him his two non-East opponents are Auburn and Arkansas, two teams who are in the front running for upsetsville against 'Bama. Considering Georgia's defense looked like poo against South Carolina and they are facing Ryan Mallett and his amazing cannon arm this week, I think the Dawgs have their work cut out for them. I hate to say it, but I think Mallett has an air of inevitability about him. I give this one to the Hogs.
Arkansas 45 Georgia 30

Massachusetts at No. 20 Michigan
Yeah, this game isn't so much a big game as an opportunity for Wolverine fans to ogle the golden idol that is Denard Robinson. As if his record-breaking performance against UConn wasn't enough he actually went into South Bend and obliterated his own records, including the longest ever run in Notre Dame stadium (87 yards) and leading Big Blue to a last second touchdown over the stunned Irish. Massachusetts is a tomato can, so expect Michigan to rack up impressive numbers, but also expect Forcier and true freshman Gardner to get some good reps in this week.
Massachusetts 10 Michigan 52

No. 10 Florida at Tennessee
Tennessee looked good in the first half against the obviously really good Oregon Ducks, but then fell apart in the second half, allowing 42 unanswered points. Florida looked bad in the first half against South Florida, but then found their footing en route to a 20+ point victory. The Gators look ripe for the pickin' and I'm not so certain the Vols are gonna take another beat down in Neyland Stadium. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the Vols eke out a nail biter against a Gators squad that are practically begging to be upset.
Florida 28 Tennessee 30

Arizona State at No. 11 Wisconsin
I think Wisconsin has just been messing around with their prey the last few weeks. Arizona State has to travel a long ways to play this game in an already fall-feeling Madison. Expect the Badgers three running back attack to be on full display as they rack up around 300 yards on the ground and bury the Devils by two TDs.
Arizona State 14 Wisconsin 35

Clemson at No. 16 Auburn
The ACC took a massive blow to their national reputation last week with a slew of embarrassing losses. Clemson is one of the few teams that didn't lose and that's because they are probably actually pretty good. So are the Tigers of Auburn. This one is a home game for them. I think Gene Chizek has Auburn up and running and they will be able to handle the Clemson rushing attack. In the battle of the Orange Tigers, I give this one to the ones from Alabama.
Clemson 24 Auburn 28

No. 6 Texas at Texas Tech
Texas finally looked halfway decent last week in their victory over Wyoming, but so did Texas Tech. I expect this game to be a close one, which will test the resolve of true Sophomore Gilbert. Texas Tech is looking to prove themselves under new coach Tommy Tuberville, but the road ahead is gonna be bumpy. The Longhorns take this one.
Texas 35 Texas Tech 28

Notre Dame at Michigan State
Yes, the Fighting Irish lost to the other team from Michigan last week, but they proved Brian Kelly has them on the right path. They'll need to tighten up a bit in order to stop the Spartans' rushing attack, but Sparty is a very different animal than Denard Robinson and this will be a close game. Michigan State hasn't been tested yet and so it's hard to tell what they'll do when they can't run for a billion yards. I think they'll fold. Irish by a FG.
Notre Dame 27 Michigan State 24 (if ND doesn't have Crist, though, MSU will beat them by two TDs)

No. 9 Iowa at No. 24 Arizona
I think the Hawkeyes learned their lesson from last year: style points matter in college football. They have dispatched their last two opponents by about 60 points total. Arizona isn't Iowa State, though, and with a several thousand mile trip ahead of them, Iowa is gonna have to play stout defense and Stanzi is gonna have to have a good day in order to hang a W on the Wildcats. I think they'll do it, but it won't be as easy as last week.
Iowa 28 Arizona 21