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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Picks of the Week

Last week was the most incredible POTW I've ever had. Not once have I ever gone 100%, so even I'm a little shocked at seeing that total. And yet that is what happened, ever team I picked to win did, so right now my season percentage is at a sure-to-go-downhill total of 100%.

This week only has a few big games but they are doozies. There are no less than three matchups between Top 25 teams, with a few other games of conference or national import. So, let's just get down to it.

No. 22 Georgia at No. 24 South Carolina
This game is gonna go a long way toward deciding the SEC East. Florida showed they may be rawer than anyone gave them credit for, while Tennessee, Georgia, and SoCar all looked extremely solid against their respective tomato cans. But this match-up, which has been hotly contested the last several years, will pit two of the front-runners against one another. Whoever loses has that much steeper of a climb to the top of the heap in the East. The Bulldogs come in the higher ranked but that hardly matters in the SEC and the Gamecocks are clearly looking to deliver a conference crown to the Head Ball Coach. Look for this one to either be a shoot-out or a defensive nut-kicker. I'm gonna go with the latter.
Georgia 17 South Carolina 14

South Florida at No. 8 Florida
About three days ago this game wouldn't've even registered on my "important game" radar but after the Gators' new QB, Brantley, bobbled something like 13 snaps against Miami of OH, I suddenly am more interested to see if that was first game nerves or if Florida is maybe not all they've been cracked up to be. Of course South Florida isn't a great team, but they're better than Miami (OH), so if the Gators pull crap like that this week they could find themselves stunned out of the NC hunt. Is it going to happen? No. But it would be cool if it did.
South Florida 14 Florida 35

No. 17 Florida State at No. 10 Oklahoma
This is one of the three marquee match-ups of the week. This game was gonna be a big one no matter what, but with the Seminoles' performance last week and Oklahoma's near miss against Utah State, the ante has been officially upped. Assuming the Sooners' performance was because of nerves and not a harbinger of bad things to come, this will be a close game, with Oklahoma's defense doing a better job of bottling FSU's offense than Samford's and the Sooners' offense ableto get things clicking. I think FSU has more to play for here and will come into the game with more confidence.
Florida State 28 Oklahoma 24

Colorado at California
Is this a big game? Not compared to some of the other match-ups on the slate, but nonetheless Colorado and Cal both looked good in their tune-up games last weekend, and since Cal is looking for a Pac 10 title this season, I think they have a lot on the line with this game. I say they put the Buffalos in their place.
Colorado 21 California 35

Michigan at Notre Dame
About three days ago this game wouldn't have mattered much either, but with all the hype surrounding Brian Kelly's taking of the Irish reigns, and Denard Robinson breaking all sorts of school records in his first start ever*, there hasn't been this much anticipation going into the Michigan-Notre Dame game in a few years. However, I don't think it's going to be as good a match-up as peeps think. Notre Dame didn't look all that great in their win over Purdue and their defense showed signs of being suscuptible to the very thing that Robinson did so darn well against UConn. This could be a rout...or the excitement over having Kelly in South Bend and the nerves of the first away game of the season could make this one a barn burner. I'll go with the optimistic side of things. Michigan by two. Touchdowns, that is.
Michigan 38 Notre Dame 24

No. 12 Miami (FL) at No. 2 Ohio State
This is the second marquee game of the weekend. Both the Hurricanes and Buckeyes looked impressive in their respective tune-up games, and both proved they have high-powered offenses, but I don't think that Miami's offense will be able to take advantage of OSU quite as easily as they did Florida A&M. I think this game will come down to defense and I honestly don't think Miami will be able to hang with the Buckeyes through all four quarters. This will be close, but the Ohio State will hang another W on the scoreboard.
Miami 24 Ohio State 30

No. 18 Penn State at No. 1 Alabama
And this is the superhuge game of the weekend. The third best team in the Big Ten versus last year's SEC champion and National title holder. Penn State couldn't ask for a more ripe opportunity for glory than this game, playing in Tuscaloosa against the reigning National champs. The climb wil be uphill for sure, but after Freshman Bob Holder's performance last weekend against Youngstown State, this game is suddenly looking brighter for the Nittany Lions. Do I think they can pullt he upset? Not really, but it woudl be a whole lot cooler if they could. This'll be a lot closer than people think.
Penn State 28 Alabama 35

No. 7 Oregon at Tennessee
A lot happened in the off-season for these two teams: Oregon kicked Jeremiah Masoli to the curb and Lane Kiffin bailed on UT for the sunnier pastures of USC. And yet, come Week One, both teams didn't even bat an eyelash in taking care of business in big time fashion. Oregon trounced New Mexico by 70 points and UT put 50 on UT Martin. So the stage is set for an interesting cage match. I think Oregon looked more impressive in their win and may be able to outlast the Volunteers.
Oregon 38 Tennessee 35

*Which is saying a lot, considering he's breaking school records at the winnigest school of all time.