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Friday, August 27, 2010

Excerpt from the upcoming Kunstler novel

Jim Kunstler, author of one of my favorite books The Geography of Nowhere, has posted a chapter from his upcoming novel, The Witch of Hebron. The novel is the sequel to his 2009 novel A World Made By Hand, which describes a post-oil world. While I'm not entirely convinced that Kunstler is a good writer*, he is definitely a passable storyteller and a fascinating thinker. I would definitely take the time to read the chapter, and keep on heading back to his blog every Monday for his weekly blog post from the edge. He's either crazy or he's the John the Baptist of Peak Oil. I haven't decided which yet.

You can read the chapter here.

*Exempla Gratia, there's a lot of unnecessary adjectives and adverbs, the tone and dialogue in the beginning are a little uneven, his descriptions of sex are downright puritanical, and I'm not entirely convinced that a old-school plantation owner type can also be a kitana-wielding ninja all of a sudden. Other than that the chapter is great! I especially liked the ridiculous banter at the end of the chapter between the Head Thief and the Big Man.