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Friday, July 9, 2010

Publication is Mine!

My story "Just A Feeling" has been included in the Down in the Dirt collection Bound. It includes a ton of other great fiction featured in DITD over the last year and sports a nifty BDSM cover design to impress all your friends. The volume is only $26.62 for the big version and $19.84 for the little one without all the shiny pictures.

You can pick up the book here.

Naturally I would appreciate it if you would support those who have supported me, but if you can't swing the scratch then you can read, or reread, the story here (Yes, I know that this is a link to Ascent Aspirations, who also ran the story, but the DITD link doesn't take you directly to the story soooooo, Ascent Aspirations).