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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Recent Authorial Awesomeness

This post has no other purpose than to send sparkle-fingers to a few of my fellow writerly compatriots.

xTx, who can normally be found at her beautifully oblique blog, Nothing To Say, recently had her story "The Temerity of Imperfection" published at Monkeybicycle. The story is, per usual, beautiful, but curiously restrained for a xTx thought bubble*. It's short. Check it out here.

Also, Ms. Roxane Gay has just been bubbling over with great news recently, and I figgered I'd share some of it with y'all. 1.) A collection of her short stories will be published sometime in the future. 2.) She has been nominated for StorySouth's Million Writers Award and you can vote for her story here. 3.) She just got another incredible story titled "Do You Have A Place For Me?"** published at Spork Press. It's also short. You can read it here.

And finally the indominatable Alan Stewart Carl, who has been hard at work these last six months on a new novel, got not one but two shorts published recently and they are both so good I couldn't pick between the two. So here they are: "Incubus" at Dogzplot and "That Kid" in Staccato. Read them both if you know what's good for you.

*By 'curiously restrained' what I mean is that there is a curious lack of explicit sex in the story. Explicit sex being sort of a hallmark of xTx's fiction and poetry. Not that I'm complaining.
**Interestingly enough the story is based upon a poem by none other than the aforementioned xTx.