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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Advice On Finding An Agent

I've recently seen a ton of advertsiements for Boyd Morrison's new thriller The Ark and finally cracked and went to Mr. Morrison's website to see what the heck the book is about. I'm not normally much of a thriller fan myself, but am I glad I checked Mr. Morrison out. Last fall he wrote a really good and detailed blog about his over 12 year journey to representation and I thought the post was far too helpful to not be shared.

Two bits of great advice from the post:

1. "So every writer who talks about persistence being a defining trait of published authors is absolutely correct. Listen to them. Keep writing. Don’t stop at that first novel. Don’t rewrite it over and over. Move on. You’ll improve your chances a hundredfold by writing that next book."

2. "I would strongly advise anyone looking for an agent to pitch them in person at a conference. Putting a face to a book gets the partial through much faster than if it’s a query letter from someone the agent has never met."

Also, here's a money quote from his FAQ section, courtesy of author Joe Konrath:

"What do you call a novelist who never gives up? Published."

If you'd like to read the blog post click here.