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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life ain't fair, especially the writing life

After considerable internal debate I've decided to just go ahead to post this story about James Franco's short story "Just Before The Black", getting published in Esquire. As a fledgling author myself of course it gets my goat that any ole' celebrity can get a book deal, but with Lauren Conrad, Hillary Duff, et. al. getting six-figure book deals to publish crappy books in genres I hardly respect to begin with*, I suppose I find it a little less irksome for a good actor (with more formal writing training than me**) to try his hand at literary fiction. I guess you could say my final judgement on this is a *sad face shrug* since it's hardly revelatory for celebrities to get a leg up on us average joes.

After all, life ain't fair. All we can do is keep on writing and perfecting our craft. Heck, that's all anyone can do.

To read the story click here.

*E.g. Tell-alls, YA chick-lit (assuming it's simply a gossip-fest boy gets girl craptacular. Stories about real women, on the other hand, are beautiful and are as deserving of respect as anything else), Inspirational.
**James Franco has all sorts of degrees and is both a great actor and an interesting person. I find it hard to muster too much disgust for someone at the top of their game trying their hand at other things and doing the work to be good at it.