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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bastards and Whores

I am proud to announce that my flash fiction piece, "Ophelia" has been accepted and posted at the brand spankin' new literary journal Bastards and Whores. This magazine is awesome because it combines short fiction with paintings and experimental pieces. So definitely check out the whole magazine when you get a chance.

This story was inspired in part by this painting by John Millais, which is so gorgeous and haunting that it has stuck with me ever since the first time I saw it, nearly a decade ago. When I was an undergrad I used to work in a cafe and there was this girl with beautiful eyes who would come in sometimes. She always wore this look of exquisite pain, as though she carried the weariness of the whole world with her, and somehow she reminded me of this painting. This story is about finding comfort even when you think that solace is nowhere to be found. The last line in which the narrator and the girl "jump from the bridge" is referencing the very death which Millais captures in his famous painting. I hope you like "Ophelia".

To read the story click here.