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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Tower of Books

When I was a kid I loved books so much that I became obsessed with collecting them. I would sit and stack them on my bookshelf, stack them next to the shelf when I had finally collected too many, alphabetize endlessly and repeatedly. Whenever I got a new book I would look at it, feel it, test its weight and solidity and then set it amongst its friends on my book shelf, taste how its spine looked among the others. I was in love with the wealth of ideas represented by all those spines; I wanted to see my name there...some day*.

Now I know that artist Tom Bendtsen probably had something else in mind when he created his massive art installations in New York titled "Arguments" and "Conversations" but I gotta tell you seeing these photos brought a little of that childhood thrill to me. Seeing all those books piled high, each one a unique set of ideas and thoughts, emotions, stacked to the ceiling, representing infinity. It's like seeing my childhood dream carried to the extreme, in brilliant technicolor.

Check out the aforementioned installations here as well as some of the artist's other work.
For a pretty good explanation of "Arguments" and "Conversations" go here.

*As an adult my love of books has parlayed into a secret desire to own a house large enough to have a massive, oak shelf-lined library with shelves built into the walls and so high that I need one of those rolling ladders to reach the top shelves.