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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love, Your Copyeditor

Writers like to write. Oftentimes we also like the mechanics of writing, the grammar, the rules, the subtle ways sentences can wholly change meaning by the substitution of a word or a comma. But no one likes grammar and rules quite like copyeditors, the often unsung but crazy helpful and indispensible members of any author's publication team. Copyeditors keep the writing clean, clear, and on track and for that they should be praised and far more respected than they currently are.

Ray Gunn, the author of the blog Love, Your Copyeditor has been blogging about the travails of the average copyeditor at a big publishing house in New York since January, 2009. I started following the blog during Infinite Summer, where she was a Guest Blogger a couple of times. I found her insights into the grammatical quirks of DFW's writing hilarious and incisive and have been following her ever since.

If you consider yourself a writer or just find grammar interesting you should check out this blog. It can be viewed here.


Ray Gunn said...

Thanks for reading, Crow! It warms my cold, cold copyeditor's heart to know that someone out there likes me.

The Crow said...

No, thank YOU! Thanks for making us writers look a little less like idiots, and thanks for your awesome blog.